Cross of Calatrava


With all that is happening in our lives we could all use a Hobby of Historic Proportions. Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism continue to explore history hands on, even when we have to change our habits a little to stay safe.

Local meetings have restarted and we are once again gathering together with friends to share our love of adventure, history and learning. Guests are welcome to join us at our local meetings and participants are required to wear masks for indoor meetings.

Weekend events have restarted. The list of upcoming events can be found on the Kingdom website and it changing all the time.

For more information about how, when and where to participate, please contact your local SCA group or

History isn’t just something in a boring book. It’s how we got here. The long and winding path humanity walked down that led us to right now. If you’ve ever been curious about the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, ever wondered what it was like to live during that time, ever dreamed of knights, kings, queens, and noble deeds…then you might just belong with us.

We are the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), and we make history come alive. The SCA is an international organization devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat, and culture. We don’t just dress up and call each other “m’lord” and “m’lady.” We spend our free weekends living an adventure where chivalry, honor, and the pageantry of royalty are real things you can see, touch and experience for yourself. We create art, we dance, we sing, we recreate combat, we research; we build a little refuge based on nobility, honor, and respect for one another, away from the stresses and conflicts of the modern era. Ranks and titles in the SCA are earned entirely within the Society, not granted based on who you are in the modern world. If this sounds like a place you might want to be, please come check us out.

The SCA is divided into regional groups we call “kingdoms,” each led by Royal Sovereigns who have achieved those titles through their own merit. Iowa (except for the Quad Cities area), Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and the Fayetteville area of Arkansas comprise the Kingdom of Calontir. Within Calontir there are a number of local groups such as baronies, shires, and cantons. Iowa itself supports a Barony in Des Moines, a group in the Ames area, and a number of Shires around the state. For a weekend event near you, browse the Kingdom Calendar. We’re excited that you’re interested in the SCA, and we can’t wait to meet you at an event. As Shakespeare wrote, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” You may be a Peer of the Realm or even of Royal Blood: join us and find your own path to destiny!

We have a special free online presentation via Zoom on November 16th where we will talk more about what we do in our fun hobby and how you can join in.

This presentation will be in three parts with a break in between and plenty of time to answer any questions you may have. The total length of the presentation is just over one hour depending on the number of questions people ask. The presentation is family friendly and all ages are welcome. (The presentations are NOT recorded.)
The class will be offered on Zoom and is open to new members and people interested in learning more about the SCA. Current and experienced members are welcome but are not the target audience.

Date November 16th

Start Time 7pm (room opens about 6:30 for questions and sound check)

The Link will be posed in the Facebook event for privacy/safety reasons and sent directly to others who request it.

Title: A New Member’s First Steps: An Introduction to the SCA for New and Potential Members

Range of topics include:

  • Brief history of the SCA
  • Ways people participate in the SCA
  • Requirements and expectations for participation
  • Foundational ideas for having an enjoyable SCA experience
  • Discussion of common first steps in participation
  • Various interests pursued by members.
  • An overview of common marshal (Combat) activities
  • Arts and Science topics (what people make and do)
  • Resources for additional information

Facebook event linked to zoom presentation:

SCA Newcomer’s Guide

The Society level of the Society for Creative Anachronism also has a handy guide for new members. It can be found here: