Cross of Calatrava

Where People Participate

The fun of participating with the society for creative anachronism happens in many different places. Explore some of the different locations where members of the SCA live out their historic adventure.

Finding your Local Group Online or In Person

One of the most common questions we get is how do I find my local Society for Creative Anachronism group. Lets review a few of the ways you can find your group and begin participating online or in person.

Finding SCA Events Near You

In this segment we look at how to find events held within the SCA as well as tips for finding local meetings.  Since our non-profit doesn’t have a huge advertising budget to get out the word about our upcoming events, you need to know where to look for the information you need to plan your Historic Adventure. 

Signing in at events

The first time you go someplace new it can be a little confusing, and the first thing that you are expected to do at an event hosted by the Society for Creative Anachronism is to sign in at the registration table. Let’s take a moment to explain the nature of this process and how easy it is for you to sign in and participate at an SCA event

Contact us with Questions

For more information about how, when and where to participate, please contact your local SCA group or