Cross of Calatrava

How does the SCA relate to other groups? Is it a Ren Fair?

Ren fairs are fun ways to spend a day on the weekend.  They are a show put on by the performers for the paying audience to watch.

The SCA is not a Ren Fair.  Our events aren’t shows for you to watch, they are activities and adventures for you to participate in.  We don’t want you to just watch us do the things, we want you to do the things too.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a non-profit organization and SCA events are held in such a way as to not generate a profit for the organization. This means you will often find attending SCA events to cost less money over all than many other activities. 

Many people do attend SCA events and Ren Fairs.  If you dress up for a Ren Fair than you are probably ready to attend an SCA event.  Although the clothing created by members of the SCA tends towards historical fact rather than fanciful fiction, many fantasy garments can be used to get you started at SCA events.