Cross of Calatrava

Teen Activities

The Society for Creative Anachronism encourages lifelong learning and creativity among its members, and this includes our young adults.  Teens and young adults are encouraged to learn and explore and adventure along with and beside the older members.  Many of the classes allow teens and young adults to attend and learn (and teach).  Most class […]

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Rattan Combat Activities

Rattan combat has requirements for the safety of participants.  There are armor requirements and weapons requirements.  Armor and weapons are inspected before participants fight.  The weapons for rattan combat uses rattan shafts to replace the swords, axes and spears from tournament fighting in the middle ages.  The rattan breaks in such a way as to […]

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Equestrian Activities

There are a variety of equestrian activities that occur at SCA events. Beyond the ‘jousting’ at the very large events, there are equestrian games that are held.  As any horse owner knows, there are costs associated with the equestrian activities.  If you would like more information about participating with equestrian activities at SCA events, we […]

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Martial Activities

Developed over the 50 years of its existence The Society for Creative Anachronism’s Marshall activities are intended to closely produce the thrill of participating in archery, battles and equestrian scenarios while still keeping our members safe. The range of marshal activities include: Rattan Combat – Oldest of the SCA marshal activities, combatants used blunt weapons […]

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