Cross of Calatrava

Martial Activities

Developed over the 50 years of its existence The Society for Creative Anachronism’s Marshall activities are intended to closely produce the thrill of participating in archery, battles and equestrian scenarios while still keeping our members safe.

The range of marshal activities include:

Rattan Combat – Oldest of the SCA marshal activities, combatants used blunt weapons made from rattan in conjunction with armor to recreate the thrill of combat.  It is an un-choreographed, full speed, full force, full contact, armored sport.  From one on one fights to battles involving hundreds or thousands of participants, the SCA has worked on creating the safest medieval combat system they can.

Steel Combat – Often called Cut and Thrust in our kingdom, this combat system uses blunted steel blades and armor to recreate combat in a different way to the Rattan combat.

Youth Combat – If the kids see the adults playing, they are bound to follow.  The SCA Youth combat systems uses padded weapons.

Combat Archery – Part of the Rattan combat system, the combat archers used specially padded arrows to fire into the battles

Target Archery – Target archery in the SCA allows the archery to participate in a wide variety of shoots challenging their skills with bows and crossbows.

Thrown Weapons – Often found near the archery range, the thrown weapons lines will see axes, spears and knives thrown at targets.

Equestrian – Equestrian activities include many games to train and challenge the mounted rider and mount as well. This is primarily done by participants who have their own horses.