Cross of Calatrava

Rattan Combat Activities

Rattan combat has requirements for the safety of participants.  There are armor requirements and weapons requirements.  Armor and weapons are inspected before participants fight.  The weapons for rattan combat uses rattan shafts to replace the swords, axes and spears from tournament fighting in the middle ages.  The rattan breaks in such a way as to not splinter and have enough give to prevent most injury.

The armor required for the armored rattan combat has requirements for the coverage of heads and hands, knees and elbows as well as throat protection and kidney protection.  Some people utilize armor that is very historically correct, others have limited budgets and use covers and concessions to allow for fiscally viable options. 

It is strongly suggested that people wanting to begin participating in the heavy combat should check out their local fighter practice or simply stop by the fighting field at an event and talk to some of the marshals and fighters.  Look at the options that are available for armor and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each style before making any commitments.