Cross of Calatrava

Steel (Cut & Thrust) Combat Activities

A lot of people who see our Cut and Thrust combat often mistake it for fencing.  There are requirements for armor and blades used in the practice.  The armor is often garments made with the required layers of fabric needed to make the garment puncture resistant.  It is also common for fighters to start with fencing masks modified with a rigid back to protect the back of the head as well.

The swords have requirements for strength and flexibility.  There are several online shops where the swords can be purchased. It is strongly suggested that people wanting to begin participating in the cut and thrust combat should check out their local fighter practice or simply stop by the fighting field at an event and talk to some of the marshals and fighters.  Look at the options that are available for armor and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each style before making any commitments.