Cross of Calatrava

What can I learn?

The Society for Creative Anachronism is, at its heart, a non-profit educational organization.  Although we have a lot of fun doing it, one of the big parts about participating in the SCA is learning and personal growth.

Many local groups have learning that happens in formalized classes held at local meetings or in one on one tutoring. 

Most events have classes as well as social spaces where people teach each other and share what they have learned.

There are also many online resources, classes and websites dedicated to helping people try out different crafts.

The classes range on about any topic you can imagine.  They are taught by people passionate about what they are learning and doing, but they do reflect what they are working on or what they want to teach at the time.  So the classes vary greatly from event to event or year to year.  There is no set curriculum, but that means that there are also always new things to explore.