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Explore How to Begin Participating in the SCA

Common First Steps

Once you determine that the adventure of the Society for Creative Anachronism is right for you, then you need to begin exploring how to participate in this historic hobby. Watch this video for some tips on some of the common first steps that people explore as they begin participating in the SCA

Finding Events and Activities

Once you’re ready to participate you will need to find the events you would like to attend. This video reviews how members determine which events are right for them as well as how to understand event flyers and websites.

Understanding the Event Flyer

In this segment we look at the Event Flyers used to announce upcoming events in the SCA.  We cover what information can usually be found on the flyers as well as decoding some of the confusing terms used as shorthand on the announcements.   

Signing in at event

The first time you go someplace new it can be a little confusing, And the first thing that you are expected to do at an event hosted by the society for creative anachronism is to sign in at the registration table. Let’s take a moment to explain the nature of this process and how easy it is for you to sign in and participate at an SCA event

SCA Historic Clothing

As you learn about the Society for Creative Anachronism you quickly find there are very few requirements, but one requirement that everyone needs to meet is an attempt at historic clothing. In this video we talk about some of the different ways that people find historic clothing for their first few events as well as how they plan to expand their medieval wardrobe moving forward.

SCA Camping Gear

Since many of the events that members of the Society for Creative Anachronism participate in are camping events than information about what you need to do to get ready for these events can be quite helpful. Let’s review the requirements and expectations for members camping at SCA events as well as common solutions that are members explore

Food and Beverages at SCA Events

With all of these adventures happening members of the society for creative anachronism are bound to get hungry. So what do they do when they need to eat at events. Let’s review common food topics like lunch time ends and evening feasts as well as how different members get ready to feed themselves at camping events

Contact us with Questions

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