Cross of Calatrava

What are the requirements to participate?

At local meetings, the only requirements are to show up and have fun. At events, you are required to pay the registration cost and wear an attempt at clothing from before 1600 CE.

Beyond that there really aren’t many requirements. Your SCA adventure can take many different paths. You can do all the things or just show up and relax. You can learn about any culture or time period before 1600 CE that you wish. You can pick up a sword or a bow or a pen or a musical instrument, or all of them, or none of them.

You choose your adventure in the SCA.

We do strongly request you respect other members and their adventures though.

Please avoid bringing up topics like modern religions or modern political concerns at events or on the online forums.

The SCA has policies in place to remove people who bully or harass others based on ethnicity, sex, or sexual preference. The SCA has policies in place for those who sexually harass others. Members or non-members who violate the established standards of behavior can be removed from online communities as well as barred from participating at events or local meetings.