Cross of Calatrava

What happens at SCA Events and Meetings?


Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) meetings happen around the region and on different schedules for different local groups.

SCA members and guests gather together and practice or work on projects. There are often a variety of project nights and classes, fighter practices, archery practices, and sometimes equestrian or bardic activities available.

Check with your local group to find out about the local meetings in your area.


Every year in the four-state area of the Kingdom of Calontir, there are on average 45 events being held. This doesn’t even include the variety of events being held in the neighboring Kingdoms to the north or east of Iowa.

Many of these events have different combinations of activities and themes that form a constant list of adventures to explore.

SCA members as well as guests can attend these events. The only stipulations to attend are paying the Site Registrations to get in and “an attempt” at clothing from before 1600 CE.

Once inside, the activities of the event depend on the event you attend. Activities commonly found at events include:

  • Classes – Many events have a variety of classes on many topics included in the Site Registration.
  • Shopping – Merchants are often at events selling either raw materials for people to craft things themselves, or finished items for people to buy.
  • Marshal Activities – Including rattan combat, steel combat, archery, thrown weapons, youth combat and equestrian activities.
  • Socializing – Events are places where people from across the region gather to share and explore their passion for history and creativity.