Cross of Calatrava

What is SCAIowa?

SCAIowa is a project to help people interested in learning more about the Society for Creative Anachronism and its local chapters in Iowa be able to find up to date information relevant to people living in Iowa.

The SCA is a worldwide organization and much about it can be found on the internet, but information you find that is relevant to the groups in LA or Atlanta or New York City, isn’t necessarily relevant to people participating in Iowa.

SCAIowa is designed to reach out to people just beginning to learn about the SCA and help them learn what they need to know to participate as well as help them find the local and kingdom resources and social media outlets.  We also hope to demystify the process of joining the SCA by breaking down the jargon and sometimes cryptic phrases used.

We invite people to join our Facebook Page and Group as well as our Instagram Feed.