State Fair 2018

Roman Glass beads on a necklace displayed for the Iowa State Fair.
Roman glass vessel and beads.

In the summer of 2018 several of the Iowa members of the SCA participated in some of the Iowa State Fair competitions.  This was done as an attempt for community outreach and education about the SCA.

Spindle whorl of glass with wood distaff and wool on display for the Iowa State Fair.
Roman glass spindle whorl.

Usually we do not participate in State Fairs.   In the SCA (specifically the Kingdom of Calontir) we have two main Arts and Sciences events that are held each year as well as many smaller competitions with different themes held every year.

Our Arts and Sciences competitions usually involve documentation that could be as little as a 3X5 card or closer to a short report, describing the research behind the project, detailing the source material or the original item being replicated as well as describing the materials, tools and process used to produce the entry.

Three medieval outfits on display for the Iowa State Fair.
11th century Finnish woman’s outfit, 11th century men’s Birka tunic, 14th century French Child’s outfit.

The Iowa State Fair did not allow for supporting documentation for our entries, so we likely left many Fair visitors wondering what we were up to.

An ornately woven belt on display for the Iowa State Fair.
4th century French tablet-woven belt.

If you have questions about these entries or any of the other Arts and Sciences topics covered in the SCA, please feel free to contact us.