Cross of Calatrava

Covid Response update 5/19/2021

Update Announcement

The May 19th Update

Summary of update- 

Local meetings restarting after April 15th limited to outdoors with masking and social distancing

Official events restarting after June 1st being held outdoors, limited in size with masks and pre registering.  

Fighter practices restarting with safety measures

In more detail-

The Board of Directors for the Society for Creative Anachronism announced changes to the restrictions for activities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in April. This signals the limited restart of event activities within the SCA as well as indicating a path forward as we approach normalizing activities.

This does not signal a complete restart of activities right now as real world conditions do not indicate that it is currently safe to do that. Some limited activities are restarting on specific dates. The decisions to restart activities and the limitations placed upon them may be adjusted depending on infection levels in communities and the successful rollout of vaccinations across the world.

In summary the changes to restrictions on local activities and events are as follows: 

After April 15th 2021 local groups can resume limited activities at local meetings. These are providing that the following safety measures are followed: 

  • Local meetings are held outdoors
  •  Participants at the local meetings maintain social distancing and wherever possible maintain 6 ft between people.
  • All participants wear effective masks to reduce transmission risks 
  • Combat recreation activities are now allowed to resume with the participants wearing masks and not sharing water containers. They should also be social distancing when not engaged in combat. Other activities such as business meetings, archery, thrown weapons,  classes and arts and science activities are allowed providing they can be conducted while assuring social distancing.

All of our members collectively hold the responsibility to ensure that these measures work. As we have seen elsewhere, the consequences for our members getting sick can affect not only the lives of those stricken with the illness but the ability for everyone to have fun.

We can also assume that as more of our communities are vaccinated and infection rates drop we get closer to a point where more of the restrictions can be lifted.

The other announcement affected events and provided a timeline moving forward to resume in-person weekend SCA events. It was announced that starting June 1st 2021 limited outdoor events would be allowed.  These events currently have the following restrictions; 

  • The events must be held outdoors and allow for proper social distancing of participants 
  • Participation at each event is limited to 150 members.
  • Members must pre-register for the event.
  • Members need to wear effective face coverings to prevent the spread of the virus
  • For the time being all members must bring their own food.  Inns and feasts will not be held. 
  •  The events will not have camping for the time being

Obviously these restrictions placed upon events do not bring us back to normal SCA operations, but this should make sense as our communities are still facing people falling ill to the virus. It is obvious that the intent of the Board of Directors was to provide guidance for the first round of events to occur while still ensuring the safety of our members and then to provide a path for further reduction of restrictions as the level of infections drop and the number of vaccinated members increase.

We can only return to the normal SCA events once every person who wishes to participate in the SCA has had access to both doses of a vaccine as well as the additional two weeks required to develop immunity. By responsibly and safely holding these first rounds of local meetings and limited SCA events we can begin to work towards this eventual goal and the full return of the hobby we love.